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In addition to the exceptional taste of pineapple, the healthy enzyme bromelain tastes great as well.
Besides to the flesh, it is also found in the stem, and even in a much more concentrated manner.

Due to its positive effects, has been used in the treatment of indigenous cultures for hundreds of years.
It is helpful in weight loss, sinusitis helps with burns, and relieves osteoarthritis.

Bromelain – Excellent for weight loss

These are enzymes that are digested in the body in a different way by the individual basic components:

“To this day, weight loss products still contain substances that deprive a person of appetite. It also happens that one compiles menus from substances that are rich in volume but calorically empty. However, it provides a very sophisticated solution to this problem. It does not break down proteins, sugars and fats into such ingredients as our enzymes, but into vastly different “semi-finished products” that our enzymes cannot use and these unused ones are eliminated from the body,” explains MUDr. Oto Sova, CSc.”

This can be compared to the idea of building a house:

“You are building a house out of bricks, and when you are already on the first floor, they will start supplying you with prefabricated entire walls instead of bricks. You cannot use them because they do not fit and you will not make any use of them. In a similar way, bromelain can stop the use of food in the body after sufficient intake and thus causes weight loss. The only condition is that there is more bromelain in our digestive system than our own enzymes,” adds Oto Sova.

Although bromelain can be taken easily from the pulp of pineapple, which is low in calories, contains a lot of water and is saturated with fibre, supporting weight loss with it would require eating pineapple often and in large quantities.

“Our BromeSlim product contains bromelain extracted from pineapple stalks, where its concentration is higher and, compared from the pulp, it has a higher content of proteases. The way it is used is important – take one capsule of BromeSlim before each meal,” concludes Dr. Sova. 

It relieves sinusitis

Bromelain has also been shown to be useful in alleviating the symptoms of sinusitis and other inflammatory diseases associated with the respiratory and nasal passages.

Research from 2016 suggested that bromelain is able to shorten the duration of sinusitis symptoms in children, improve respiration and reduce inflammatory processes.

In a study of 50 people, including adults and children with acute sinusitis, bromelain eased symptoms such as inflammatory processes in the nose and difficulty breathing.

In another study on a sample of more than a hundred children, the enzyme bromelain also improved the course of the disease and helped children get out of the disease faster than with conventional treatment.

Thus, research suggests that when product is used in combination with standard drugs, it can help effectively alleviate sinusitis in both acute and chronic sinusitis.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Moreover, the enzyme bromelain can alleviate even other inflammatory processes.
Studies in animal models under laboratory conditions have shown that bromelain can:

1. stimulate a healthy immune system to fight inflammation
2. be helpful in the treatment of acute inflammation and sports injuries
3. reduce some compounds related to cancer inflammation and tumour growth


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of non-inflammatory joint damage, affecting millions of people worldwide.

Two clinical studies involving 117 people with osteoarthritis of the knee showed a significant fact that the use of bromelain reduced tissue swelling, pain and also joint stiffness.

In one study, this enzyme was even as effective as one of the medicines approved for pain.

Another clinical study with 42 people found that a complex of three natural anti-inflammatory drugs – bromelain, devil’s claws and turmeric – improved both acute and chronic joint pain.

Although the evidence for the inadequacy of the studies is not yet very extensive, the available ones clearly suggest that bromelain is more than a good helper and can certainly alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Treatment of burns

Pineapple enzyme helps remove dead tissue and accelerates wound healing in burns.

In five clinical studies performed on 350 people who suffered severe burns, wound healing with enzymatic treatment with bromelain was shown to be as effective as with conventional treatment. This has significantly reduced the need for surgery.

Based on this study, the use of bromelain in burns appears to be an appropriate adjunctive therapy.

Intestinal health

Bromelain has been shown to be no less effective in its beneficial effect on the intestines. Studies in mice suggest that the pineapple enzyme can suppress unwanted processes in the gut.

Specifically, in this case it was inflammation of the intestines. In mice with inflammatory bowel disease, bromelain ameliorated the symptoms of the disease by suppressing the production of cytokines that cause inflammation.

Bromelain has also shown a strong ability in the gut to stop the activity of various intestinal bacteria and toxins that cause diarrhoea, suggesting its potential as an antidiarrheal drug.

The effects of bromelain have not been fully investigated at present, but the results to date indicate that it is appropriate to use it as a natural adjunct in the treatment of the disorders described above.


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