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Diamond Yacca

Diamond Yacca

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Clean your body from harmful substances
Improves the flow of body fluids as well as the function of different organs.
Removes sediments from stomach, intestines and internal organs

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Benefits of

Diamond Yacca

The Diamond YACCA Nutritional Supplement can have the following effects at the physical level:
Directly from the Slovak manufacturer

Diamond Yacca

Diamond Yacca is a new generation saponin nutritional supplement. It is obtained from the Yucca Shidigera plant by chemical-free extraction using an electric current. The method also enables fortification of the extract with some components, such as terpene saponins. This makes Diamond Yacca a desirable composition and up to four times more terpene saponins than steran.

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Guaranteed by

The guarantor of DIAMOND YACCA is a recognized doctor MUDr. Oto Sova CSc.

Mr. Oto Sova, MD and CSc. has researched the effects of saponins and specifically the Diamond Yacca on the human body for more than 25 years. His Boos Research Institute provides 24-hour free consultations to users of this product and people interested in it. In the course of his research, Mr. Sova familiarized himself with the saponin chemistry and has gained both extensive experience and valuable leadership as an expert in this field..

Get rid of sediments

Did you know?

The main factor in the creation of sediments in body structures is our diet. It is proven that we carry up to 2 - 3 kg of sediment, especially in the colon. This is caused by our bad eating habits. We resemble a dirty pot. What can we do about it? In case of pot, we would take a detergent and remove the dirt. In our body, however, the process of cleansing is far more complicated and especially slower. However, there is a solution. Nature offers us substances that contain a high percentage of saponins. With our eating habits, we do not give our digestive system any chance of properly processing and absorbing important nutrients. They pass through our digestive tract untreated and slowed down and instead of being useful, they settle down, especially in the colon, and intoxicate our body.

General information

Store the Diamond Yacca in a dry place at room temperature and keep it away from children. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or high temperatures above 40Β°C. Diamond Yacca comes in two packages - 150 grams and 75 grams in chemically inert polypropylene containers with safety closure, placed in a cardboard box with obligatory information and leaflet.

Dosage: For prevention, 1 capsule is given twice a day, for the treatment of malignancies 6 to 8 capsules are taken daily.

Composition:Β terpene saponins, steran saponins, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, fats

Content:Β 75g and 150g pack

*In case of any doubt, please contact our physicians who are ready to help you free of charge. The nutritional supplement is by no means a substitute for a varied diet! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

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Made from high-quality granular extract of Yucca Shidigera

Without chemicals using an electric current system with the autofocus system, it always has the same composition.


Four times more

Diamond Yacca contains four times more terpene saponins than steran saponins.


Better and effective results

Diamond Yacca is more effective and allows you to achieve the expected effect sooner.


Pay less for more

It is substantially cheaper. 150 g pack of 129,90 - € 75 g pack of 69,90 - €


Affordable solution

It is more affordable, not tied to the cumbersome distribution system. It is possible to buy or send it on delivery.


24 hours of free medical advice

The BOOS Research Institute provides 24 hours of free medical advice to those interested and users of Diamond Yacca at the addresses and telephone numbers given. This service has no nutritional supplement.

When it is not recommended to administer Diamond Yacca?

Diamond Yacca has two natural serious contraindications. This preparation cannot be used by patients with an artificial hip or knee joint (endoprostheses). This contraindication is of a mechanical nature - Yacca "cleanses" vessels and thus improves the blood supply to the long bones. The second contraindication - Diamond Yacca cannot be used in patients who have had organ transplants (heart, lung, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, etc.). This does not include dental implants, artificial eye lens and other devices of this nature. There are no undesirable side effects or allergy symptoms. Diamond Yacca has no contraindication to any drug. Diamond Yacca works on a physical principle - it reduces the surface tension wherever it is present, thus releasing all the body's deposits into the solution (blood, lymph, bile, urine, water) on a molecular basis. The body then β€œdecides” whether it will eliminate or use the dissolved sediment.


From our customers

I'm glad I discovered Diamond Yacca. I have been using it for more than a year now, 2 capsules daily. During that time, I found that I was feeling better overall and that my high blood pressure had returned to normal. I am very satisfied with this product and I will continue to use it. I recommend anyone who has similar problems with blood pressure and blood vessels as I do to try to use it. I believe it will help.

Gabriella O. Cosmetics

Proven product, top quality. It needs to be tried.

Capt K. Cosmetics

I have been using it continuously since 07/2021. I currently dose 2 tablets 4 times a day. So it suits me so far, so I plan to continue this scheme in the next period.

Marina M. Cosmetics